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Do you have an idea for a product, but don’t know where to start?  The engineers at Innovative Engineering Solutions can help you develop your idea into a useful and potentially profitable product.  We are a full-service engineering product design and development firm and have assisted industry and entrepreneurial customers alike for over 10 years.

engineering product design

Our engineering design team has extensive experience solving engineering problems, providing engineering solutions and developing special systems, equipment and products that meet our client’s needs.  We will take your drawing or blueprint and convert it into a three-dimensional computer model.  For the entrepreneur who may not have the capability of producing blueprints, you have the option of sitting down with one of our designers and designing the part in real-time. Once the computer model has been created, the part can be rapidly prototyped in our machine shop.

Our Engineers work in SolidWorks, AutoCAD 200 and Mechanical Desktop, and perform our analysis with COSMOS Works and ANSYS - all, proven and effective tools for efficient prototype and product design / development.

Innovative Engineering Solutions believes in building a relationship and partnership with the client in order to provide products of a superior design, while keeping the cost down. Throughout the product design and development cycle, IES’ efforts are focused on customer satisfaction through reduced tooling and labor costs, as well as profitable sales and speed to market.

engineering product design

IES also offers Contract Engineering Consulting Services to industry.  We utilize the latest computer technology necessary to deliver cost-effective, short lead-time projects and proven concurrent engineering design methods to manage projects and solve problems.

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