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Our Design Tools, Experience and In-house Capabilities Allow Us to Develop a Diverse Array of Design Products . . .

	Engineering solution – CAD drawing The Engineers at IES can help you find ‘innovative solutions’ to your unique engineering problems.  Our management team averages over 25 years of experience in the design, analysis and fabrication of thermal systems, fluid flow, structures and finite element analysis, propulsion systems, manufacturing, and power and electrical systems.  Our approaches to problems have helped our customers save thousands of dollars in annual cost and have provided additional revenue streams to their product line.

Computer Aided Design

IES performs engineering design using a broad range of computational tools.  These include AutoCAD™, Mechanical Desktop™, SolidWorks™, and CosmosWorks™, SINDA-G™, SINDA-3D™, Thermal Analyzer™, CoolIT™, FLOW-3D™, Ansys Workbench™ as well as in-house specialized codes.

Engineering solution – CAD drawing
Electronics Prototyping

Custom Electromechanical Devices and Electronic Equipment

Innovative Engineering Solutions maintains an electronics prototyping lab and produces electronic and electromechanical devices for a variety of customers.  Quantities range from individual custom units to production runs of several thousand electromechanical devices per order.

Instrumentation and Controls

IES designs and manufactures customized instrumentation and control systems, as well as automated test equipment.  We are a member of the National Instruments™ Alliance Program for developing data acquisition and control systems using LabVIEW™.

Engineering Services - electromechanical device
	Engineering solution – CAD drawing

Cryogenic, Vacuum, and Insulation Systems

Innovative Engineering Solutions has key expertise in design of cryogenic, vacuum and insulation systems.  This includes systems for liquid hydrogen, liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and associated, advanced insulation systems.

Aerospace Hardware Design

Innovative Engineering Solutions works with customers to design and fabricate specialized aerospace hardware.  Fabrication may be performed at IES’ facilities or at off-site facilities, depending on the job requirements and the customer’s preference.  Specialized aerospace hardware provided by IES has included internal tank fluid management devices, to in-flight liquid level measurement instrumentation.

	Engineering solution – CAD drawing

Whatever your requirements, IES can provide you with a design solution that will bring your idea to life.

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