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Test Services/Mechanical & Physical Properties Testing

Mechanical Testing

IES can perform a wide range of physical properties testing , from hardness to tensile.  We can test physical properties such as metallic and non-metallic materials alike, simulating environments from +450 °F to -423 °F.  The goal is to determine if the material meets the customer's quality needs.

The retention of a material's physical property can also be measured during and after simulated environmental exposure. This type of physical properties testing proves useful when analyzing a material's basic quality assurance properties, as well as providing important information for product development and research.

Innovative Engineering Solutions provides a wide range of mechanical testing services with a dedicated machine shop to provide specimen preparation.  Test specimens are prepared for tensile, compression, impact, weldability, fatigue and bending properties.

In addition, IES has the equipment to provide precise determination of a material’s physical properties by measuring load and displacement, as well as utilizing strain gages when the determination of other properties are required.  We have a large selection of ASTM fixtures for conducting many types of standardized ASTM testing.  In many cases, we can conduct physical properties testing at your specified environment.

Physical Properties Testing

Physical Properties Testing Facility

In addition to handling the most routine requests, we are also able to tackle the most diverse testing challenges. Customers can feel confident that their requests will be handled by our highly experienced engineers and technicians.

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