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Full Service Test Facility and Cryogenic Testing Laboratory

Cryogenic Testing LaboratoryIES’ Murrieta Test Facility (MTF) was built as a full-service testing laboratory with special emphasis placed on testing with cryogenic liquids. Our storage and fluid distribution systems can accommodate liquid hydrogen (LH2) and liquid nitrogen (LN2) tests from as small as a few liters/hour to hundreds of gallons per minute. IES also has many other specialized cryogenic liquid storage and transfer systems which can accommodate other cryogenic fluids including liquid natural gas (LNG), liquid helium (LHe) and liquid oxygen (LO2). Other cryogenic fluids can also be accommodated.

IES’s engineers and technicians are recognized experts in the field of cryogenic testing.  We have extensive experience with the use of these low temperature cryogenic fluids in providing thermal environments as low as 4° Kelvin (-450° Fahrenheit).   Our abilities and dedicated infrastructure allow us to reconfigure our test setups rapidly to accommodate our customer’s needs in a cost effective manner.

The next time you require low temperature testing with cryogenic fluids, bring your requirements our cryogenic testing laboratory, and the experts at IES will provide you with the highest quality and lowest cost cryogenic test services available.

Cryogenic Testing Laboratory

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