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Environmental Testing

At IES, we have the ability to simulate extreme environments to meet your exacting requirements. We can create most environments to satisfy the rigorous standards of MIL STD 810 testing. Capabilities include thermal cycling, from less than -300 °F to above +400 °F; altitude testing, from sea level to 100,000 feet; humidity testing from 0% to 95% RH; and vacuum testing, from atmospheric pressure to less than 1x10-6 torr.


Innovative Engineering Solutions offers a variety of environmental test chambers, ranging in size from bench-top to walk-in.  We are able to accommodate most any size test article and provide digital process controllers with limit control features to ensure product safety.  We can combine temperature, humidity and altitude to stress test most any component.

Environmental Testing

 thermal vacuum testing

Vacuum/Thermal Vacuum

IES has been involved with space vehicles, launch systems and Aerospace Hardware for many years.  We offer several test chambers and bell jars, combining high vacuum and extreme temperature to simulate the harsh environment of space.

In addition to this, proof pressure and helium leak testing are one of our specialties.

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