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Aerospace Structural Testing

IES personnel have extensive experience conducting structural test programs.  We are familiar with large scale aerospace structures, such as the Lockheed Martin family of Atlas launch vehicles, or smaller, more delicate components, like operating equipment used in the medical industry.  We can also provide test planning and procedure development for your test program.

Testing can be performed at our facility, or at yours.  We have a wide range of test equipment and instrumentation necessary to support testing of just a few pounds force in one axis, to over 100,000 lbs along many different axes.  

At Innovative Engineering Solutions we have the tools and equipment necessary to measure, record and analyze the test data.  We have special test equipment (STE), Automated Test Equipment (ATE), and devices for force, strain, and displacement measurement; data acquisition systems to record the data; and software analysis tools to develop or verify models.  We also routinely perform fatigue testing on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

 Innovative Engineering Structural Test Facility

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