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Test Services > Proof Pressure & Leak Testing

At IES, we can provide pressures to 15,000 psi for internal proof pressure testing of your hardware.  Testing can be performed either hydrostatically, or pneumatically with air, nitrogen, helium, or hydrogen gas. Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing
Helium Leak Testing Device

Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing

Helium Leak Detection

In addition to high pressure testing, our engineers use several methods of leak detection, including water displacement methods using a liquid bubble soap. We also employ helium leak detection and mass spectrometer.  With our equipment, we are able to locate and measure leaks as small as 1 x 10-8 atm-scc/sec of helium.

Our leak and proof pressure testing experts can for see and avoid test obstacles that may be of concern. Contact us for information on MIL Standard 810 testing capabilities, and other testing services.


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